Waste collection and recycling services are provided by a four bin system:

  • Grey bin - paper and cardboard
  • Green bin - plastic and cans
  • Brown bin - food & garden waste
  • Blue bin - landfill waste

You can check your bin collection dates online

In the drop-down boxes below you can see the details of the materials collected for each bin and any changes to the materials you can put in each bin.

Other information to note:

  • Bins should be out by 6am on collection day and left out until 9pm or when emptied
  • Bin lids should be closed, or we may not empty the bin
  • We will not collect any extra bags, boxes or other waste placed at the side of the bin

Assisted Collections (Take-Out and Return)

We can help if you are unable to put your bin out for collection and have no one to help you. You may be able to get an assisted collection service if you are elderly or disabled. This service is also known as "Take-Out and Return."

To request the "Take-Out and Return" service, you must have a medical certificate or letter from your Social Worker, Paid Carer, Housing Officer, or Elected Member stating that you aren't physically able to present the bins kerbside for collection.

Only start the online form once you have this letter.

Household Clinical Waste Collection

Some clinical waste needs separate disposal in an incinerator. Your GP or NHS practitioner will tell you this.

Contact NHS Fife to clarify if your medical waste needs treatment in this way.

New Builds

You can use the form below to order bins for your new build property.

If you have previously reported a damaged bin, or requested a new bin(s) and there hasn’t been a repair/delivery within the given time scales, then please contact Fife Council via:

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