At Fife Council, we have a dedicated team to manage and respond to your request for information. The Information Management & Request Team (IMRT) are here to offer guidance and support to both Applicants and Services.

IMRT aim to make your experience as easy as possible and we have various options for you to make your request to us.

Before making your request, check out our publication scheme, or search the FOI and EIR Disclosure Log (link above) to see if the information you are requesting is already available to the public.

If you cannot identify the data you require, we have provided further guidance below on how to make a request.

There are different regimes that allow access to information.

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 – The Act allows you access to see any recorded information held by Fife Council.

Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 - These Regulations allow you access to the Environmental Information held by Fife Council.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018 – Allow you to access to your own data that is held by Fife Council.

Pupils’ Education Records (Scotland) Act 2003 – The Act allows parents and carers who have parental rights to access their children’s Education records.

More detailed information on these can be found by clicking on the buttons above and requests can be made by completing the online form within these pages.

You can also make a request by emailing it to

In the email, there is no requirement to mention the regime you wish to be given the information under. However, we do need the following information to ensure your request is valid.

  • your full name
  • an email and or contact address you wish your information to be sent
  • a description of the information you require.

At this time, due to changes in the way we are all working, we would prefer that you make the request through one of the above means. If this is not possible you can make a request in writing to:

IMRT, Fife House, Glenrothes, KT7 5LT.

Don’t worry if you are unsure of which regime your request falls under. Each request received will be reviewed on receipt by a member of IMRT and they will advise what regime is being applied to process your request.

It is our duty to provide advice and assistance throughout your experience of making a request to us.  If you require assistance please contact us at, or contact us by phone: 01592 583530.

If you remain dissatisfied with the initial response provided by IMRT, you can request a review of the response to be carried out by a dedicated team of Solicitors by contacting  Details of this will be provided to you in our response.

Third Parties making a request for personal information under exemptions within the Data Protection Act 2018, such as crime & taxation, or information required to be disclosed by law, information about this is available on the Third party requests for personal data page.

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