Programmes of works are planned each year to carry out improvements to tenants’ homes to ensure they reach the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

The Elemental Package Programme is made up from the results of the surveys being carried out accross Fife.  Below is a list of items we class as an element, and when we survey your house in the future it may be assessed as needing renewal of one or more of these elements:

  • central heating
  • double-glazed windows
  • external doors
  • extractor fans for kitchen and bathroom
  • hard-wired smoke detectors
  • kitchen
  • roofs and rainwater goods
  • roughcasting
  • upgrading of cavity and loft insulation
  • upgrading of electric consumer units
  • bathrooms

Outwith the programme of works each year there will be a mix of ‘one-off’ replacements and small programmes for those elements which have been surveyed and agreed as being in urgent need.

Surveying for improvements

All tenants in Fife have received a letter from the Housing Investment Section, advising them that a surveyor will be visiting their homes within the next 2 years.

This letter is just for information so that the tenants are aware a surveyor from the council will be coming to their door.  They will have Fife Council identification and a copy of the letter when they make their visit.

The reason for the survey is to help the council identify what condition our housing stock is in.  The results from the survey will help the service plan improvements needed to bring all council houses up to the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.  It is a legislative requirement that all housing stock must meet The Scottish Housing Quality Standard by 2015.

What standards have the houses to meet?

The priorities are to ensure our houses are;

  • Above Tolerable Standard – e.g. No stock below tolerable standard - a baseline set by the goverment
  • Free from serious disrepair – e.g. Roof structure, wall, roof coverings, no structural problems
  • Energy Efficient – e.g. Heating, Insulation
  • Provided with modern facilities – e.g. Bathrooms, Kitchens
  • Healthy Safe & Secure – e.g. Electrical, Smoke detectors, Common Areas, Door Entry Systems

This survey does not mean that all tenants will be receiving improvements to their home as some have already been carried out and some may not require any improvements.

If and when improvements are planned, each tenant will receive notification from the Housing Investment Team telling them about this.  This could be anytime from now until 2015.

Tenants must continue to report any routine repairs through their Customer service centre or call the contact listed below.