The amount of council tax you pay relates to the valuation band of your property.

The Assessor will have set your property in one of eight valuations bands. According to its value on the open market at 1st April 1991. The workings use band D charge as the base.

Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) provides the following online:

  • Scotland's valuation rolls and council tax lists

You can lodge an appeal with the Assessor if you disagree with the band in which your property has been placed. The legal term for this is 'a proposal'.  The Assessor is an independent official, not an officer of the council.

Water and waste water charges are set by Scottish Water and billed alongside council tax.

You can find more information about water charges:

You may not have to pay the full amount as there are discounts and exemptions available. If you are on a low income you may qualify for council tax reduction.

Please see the yearly break-down of charges, for each council tax band:

A £879.48 £147.60 £171.36 £1198.44
B £1026.06 £172.20 £199.92 £1398.18
C £1172.64 £196.80 £228.48 £1597.92
D £1319.22 £221.40 £257.04 £1797.66
E £1733.31 £270.60 £314.16 £2318.07
F £2143.73 £319.80 £371.28 £2834.81
G £2583.47 £369.00 £428.40 £3380.87
H £3232.09 £442.80 £514.08 £4188.97