If you are a community group or sports club (not including professional clubs) and are looking to lease a building and/or land, fill out the form below.

Please use this form for applications:

  • to lease property that your organisation does not currently lease, and
  • to renew an existing lease.

Please read the following before applying to lease or renew a lease of a building and/or land owned by Fife Council. Your application must be submitted at least three months before the proposed date of entry (start date for the lease). We will also need all other documents that form part of your application.

It is not a requirement; however, it is recommended that you seek legal advice and instruct a solicitor at your own cost.

Please click here to check Fife Council property ownership.

As a community group or sports club (other than a professional club), you may be eligible to lease a Council owned property at a reduced rent. Details of subsidised leases are set out in the policy.

For further information, please read the guidance notes.