Environmental Health for Business includes a variety of information to help you run your business safely.  The topics range from Food Safety Advice to Health and Safety.

We offer the following services:

  • Food Hygiene inspection of food retailers, caterers, suppliers, manufactures etc.
  • Approval of Establishments handling food of animal origin.
  • Food Standards inspection of food manufacturers and retailers.
  • Investigation of food complaints and complaints against food businesses and practices.
  • Health & Safety inspections in a range of workplaces and public places.
  • Investigation of workplace accidents to employees and the public, and complaints against premises and practices.
  • Inspection for licensing of businesses (i.e. Street Traders, Late Hours Catering, Public Entertainment, Places of Marriage, Tattooing & Piercing, Game Dealers, Theatre, Cinema and issuing of Section 50 Certificates).
  • Port Health Duties – Inspection of Ships and the issuing of Ship Sanitation Certificates.
  • In association with NHS Fife, we co-ordinate and undertake the investigation and control of communicable disease.

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