Material Where it's accepted
Bathroom suitesAll (except Cupar) (rubble)
BikesAll (except Cowdenbeath and Cupar)
Books All
Cans and plastics All (except Cupar)
Carpet All (except Cupar)
ComputersAll (except Cupar) (small WEEE)
Computer screensAll (except Cupar) (TV and monitors)
Donation drop-off stationDunfermline & Glenrothes only
Duvets and pillowsAll (except Cupar)
Empty gas cylinders (LPG, Butane, and Propane only)All (except Cupar)
Fires (small - gas with no bottle/cylinder)All (except Cupar)
Fire extinguishers (must be empty - please speak to a member of staff, for advice on where these should go)All (except Cupar)
Fluorescent light bulbs/tubes All
Glass panes, including fish tanksAll (residual/landfill)
Green garden waste All
Household batteries All (except Cupar)
Independent Living Equipment (e.g. walking frames, sticks and aids) All (except Cupar and Ladybank)
IT reuse collectionDunfermline only
Large quantities of broken crockery (plates, cups, etc.)All (except Cupar) (rubble)
MattressesAll (except Cupar)
Metal All
MirrorsAll (residual/landfill)
Mixed Glass bottles and jars (broken or whole)All (except Cupar)
Paint cans (empty)All
Paper and cardboard All

Residual waste, including bulky waste such as mattresses, that:

  • are not suitable for reuse
  • cannot be recycled
Small electrical and electronic equipment - If it has a plug or a battery, then bring it in (including smoke alarms) All (except Cupar)
Soil and rubbleAll (except Cupar)
Textiles (more information is available on our Recycling Points page)All (except Cupar)
TilesAll (except Cupar) (rubble)
TVs and monitors All (except Cupar)
Upholstered furnitureAll (except Cowdenbeath, Cupar, Dalgety Bay, St Andrews)
Vehicle batteriesAll (except Cupar)
Vehicle oil All (except Dunfermline-temporarily)
White goods such as washing machines and fridgesAll (except Cupar)
Wood (including MDF and logs) All

We cannot accept other materials into recycling centres.

Please see our A-Z of recycling list for advice on disposing of items not taken at recycling centres.

Waste that cannot be brought to Recycling Centres

You cannot bring:

  • Asbestos - please check with local companies for safe removal and disposal
  • Tyres - please check with local companies, for safe disposal
  • Paint - cannot be recycled but some local Charity Organisations reuse paint. If you do need to dispose of the paint, please leave the lid off, allow the paint to harden, and then replace the lid. Or mix the paint with sand or cat litter to solidify the paint. Then this can go to your local Recycling Centre for disposal
  • Hazardous or Chemical Waste (Including Petrol / Diesel) - you should contact a licensed contractor, who will levy a charge for this service. (Please dispose of hazardous or chemical waste responsibly and do not place it into drains or waste bins).

This list is not exhaustive and it will be updated frequently.

Examples of waste that cannot go in the green garden waste container include:

  • Soil - put in the soil container at recycling centres
  • Logs - put in the wood container
  • Stones/Rubble - put in the soil and rubble container
  • Food Waste – recycle in your brown kerbside recycling bin

Food Waste Bags

Food waste bags are not currently available at any of our Recycling Centres.

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