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Bums Off Seats

This is Pat one of our walkers who regularly attends the Bums Off Seats walks and has been coming down for the last year.

Pat used to drop her granddaughter off at martial Arts training several times a week and instead of sitting around waiting for her Pat would go out walking and would go out on her own no matter the weather. Pat said she really enjoyed the fresh air and started to notice how good she felt.
From this , Pat decided to do some charity walks and completed the following :
2017 - One Million Step Challenge for Diabetes UK
2018-1000 mile challenge
2019 - 500 mile challenge
Pat completed the Race for Life on Sunday 14th May and here she is with her medal. Pat said there was the option to do the 3km, 5km or 10km and she said I went for the 10km and loved it, she said the buzz at the finish line was indescribable. Pat is already talking about entering the race next year and encouraging some of the other walkers to join too!
Pat joined the Bums off seats walks a year ago mainly for the company and said the benefits have been great . She has said "I have made amazing friends, the social interaction is great and walking has helped me maintain a healthy weight".
So whether you are looking to get fitter, enjoy the outdoors more, improve your mental health, have a good natter, make new friends, volunteer or meet like- minded people Bums off Seats is for you. We have 16 Bums Off Seats Walks a week (12x daytime walks,  2x Nordic walks, and 2 evening walks a week which can be found here Walking | Active Fife - leisure hub)
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