An emergency repair is something that needs to be fixed quickly because it is a danger to health or safety, for example:

  • no heating or hot water
  • no electricity
  • dirty water coming up through plug holes or toilets
  • a damaged door or window has left your home insecure
  • a severe leak or burst pipe
  • a leak that is affecting the electrics
  • an unsafe electrical fitting that is sparking or smoking, or bare wiring

Depending on the repair type, someone will be sent out to the property, either within the day or 24 hours of that job being generated.

If you feel this repair cannot wait until the next working day, you can call 03451 550011 Monday to Friday 8-6pm and 03451 550099 out with these hours.

If a repair is carried out and found to be caused by damage or neglect, we reserve the right to recharge, and an invoice would be sent out.

When people exaggerate a problem to get a quicker response it stops us from responding quickly to real emergencies.

If we find that you have exaggerated your repair or your circumstances, we will not carry out the repair and we may charge you for the cost of the emergency call-out.

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