Use this form if you are placing, maintaining, adjusting or removing apparatus in, or under, a road (including excavating in, or boring under the road.)

Cost of application

The application fee for this permit is £188. Payment will be required at the end of the form using a credit or debit card.

What you will need to have

  • Contractors and Developers
  • Permission from the Developer
  • Public liability insurance certificate
  • Drawings of the planned work
  • NRSWA SWQR accreditation card for works supervisor. (This will be a photo of your badge)
  • NRSWA SWQR accreditation card for works operative

Notice needed

  • Minor (work duration up to 3 days) - 1 months notice
  • Standard (work duration up to 10 days) - 1 months notice
  • Major (work duration over 10 days or a road closure) - 90 days notice

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