Use this form if you want to sell alcohol from unlicensed premises in Fife for a one-off event.

You can apply for an occasional licence if:

  • you hold a premises licence
  • you hold a personal licence


  • you're from a voluntary organisation

If you are from a voluntary organisation you are restricted to the number of occasional licences you can get each year.

You can only get licences for events connected with your organisation’s activities.  The Board requires the representative of any voluntary organisation making an application for an occasional licence to have undertaken basic training on licensing requirements and to be present throughout the event to which the occasional licence relates. Such a person should either hold a licensing qualification or be trained to the standard prescribed in the Licensing (Training of Staff) (Scotland) Regulations 2007.

Cost of application = £10

Applications require payment online at the end of this form using a credit/debit card and are non-refundable.

What you’ll need

  • Licence number (if applicable)
  • Location
  • Uploaded signed authorisation (if applicable)
  • Site plan (if applicable) Please ensure that any site plan details the dimensions of the area wishing to be licensed.
  • Credit/Debit Card details

This application should be lodged at least 6 weeks prior to event.

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