The countdown is officially on as the schools located in the Dunfermline Learning Campus prepare to open their doors to pupils on Wednesday 21 August 2024.

With just 100 days left, excitement in the schools and wider community is building!

Dunfermline Learning Campus is a collaboration between Fife Council, Fife College, and The Scottish Government. In time, it will co-locate young people, students and staff from St Columba’s RC High School, Woodmill High School and Fife College across modern, fit for purpose and low carbon facilities.

As the community eagerly awaits the opening, Cllr Cara Hilton, Education Spokesperson, shares her enthusiasm for the transformative impact the campus will have: "The partnership between Fife Council, Fife College, and The Scottish Government underscores our shared commitment to providing high-quality education for all. Together, we’re shaping the future of learning in Dunfermline and beyond.”

"We're proud to be part of this milestone moment in Dunfermline's educational journey. As the 100-day countdown to the opening of the two schools begins, we’re eagerly awaiting the dawn of a new era in education.”

Among the highlights of the schools’ facilities is the pioneering 'Learning Lab,' which features a media studio, recording booths, performance analysis and creative project spaces. Additionally, inspiring learning plazas and breakout booths promote collaboration and individual study, while digitally enabled learning spaces cater for diverse learning needs.

Fife College Principal Jim Metcalfe said: "We're so pleased for the students of St Columba's and Woodmill High School to be to moving into their wonderful new facilities so soon.

“The new innovation hub in particular is a fantastic resource for pupils in West Fife and I can't wait to see it in action as part of the partnership between the College and Fife Council to support students into work and future opportunities.”

Beyond the classroom, the schools’ offer a wealth of outdoor facilities, including community spaces, sports halls, fitness suites, and a variety of sports pitches and courts. These features will encourage well-being, providing young people and the wider community with opportunities for physical activity and social interaction.

As the schools at Dunfermline Learning Campus gear up to open in August, you can stay up to date with the project by going to:

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