Ready Communities

A Community Resilience Awareness Drop-in is being held at Fife Voluntary Action, 16 East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy on Wednesday 27th March between 6 and 8pm.

The event aims to increase community resilience throughout Fife by encouraging individuals and their communities to participate in activities which will help minimise the impact on people and the local infrastructure, in the event of an emergency taking place.

The Drop-in is being organised by the Fife Community Resilience Forum and Fife Council; with support from Fife Voluntary Action, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish Flood Forum and the Scottish Government.  It aims to raise awareness and promote the support available from those agencies in the development of local community resilience.

Event organisers, Dave Wishart, Chair of the Fife Community Resilience Forum and Shona Robertson, Emergency Resilience Manager with Fife Council, said, “There are many active community resilience groups across Fife, who have established their own community’s resilience arrangements.  This informal event is for groups like these who want to further develop their plans; but it is also for individuals and community group members who are interested in initiating this in their own areas.”

Dave continued, “We’re also aiming to promote membership of the Fife Community Resilience Forum, and also to understand what type of Community Resilience events that communities would find useful in the future.”

This event will offer the opportunity to learn more about community resilience activities, as well as the support available from agencies to help community members and groups.  Information will be available at the event from existing local community resilience groups.

If you’d like to hear more about the event or community resilience, please email: or go to