Today (12 December), Councillors agreed plans to regenerate council housing in Touch, Dunfermline.

The City of Dunfermline Area Committee voted to demolish 94 properties on Law Road and Henryson Road, with agreement to redevelop the site for affordable housing.

Over the last few years, we’ve held several community engagement events, gathering feedback from the local community on the regeneration plans. The majority of responses received are in full support of the plans.

Regenerating Touch is a 10-year plan, with phase one concentrating on Law Road and Henryson Road. A second phase would include flats at Gilfillan Road and Peirson Road.

City of Dunfermline Area Convener, Cllr James Calder commented: "We’ve considered various options for Touch over recent years. The rising costs of the major work needed to make improvements to the current housing stock, means it's no longer financially viable.
“Since October 2021, we’ve carried out extensive consultation with the community; hearing how they feel about their area and the regeneration plans. Most of the feedback on the plans has been positive.
"Now, we look forward to reshaping the estate from its centre by designing more suitable, desirable and energy-efficient homes."

Through this next stage, we’ll continue consulting the community to get their thoughts on the design and layout of the new housing development. Demolition work will start once all residents are re-housed and we hope to start allocating the new homes in 2029.