Volunteer chefs cooking in kitchen

Volunteer Chefs at North East Fife Community Hub

North East Fife is to benefit from Fife Council’s Community Recovery Fund to establish a central food distribution hub.  The project will operate from the NEF Community Hub at St David’s Centre in St Andrews and will aid with the bulk buying and delivery of food to providers who need it in North East Fife.

The funding, which is for two years will be staged and will also be used for making homemade meals which will be available for food providers to buy at cost prices.  This will allow the project to address climate change aims by reducing the number of volunteers who are currently driving to buy food at various locations.

So far, staff from the NEF Community Hub are connecting with food providers all over North East Fife.  Laiza Lorimer, Area Policy Officer said, “NEF Community Hub are working with volunteers and food providers at this stage of the project as building relationships is essential for the project to succeed.

“At a recent food network meeting and through conversations we have had so far with hub staff and volunteers, we understand that providing home cooked meals for the food providers to stock is what is most needed.  This means they can provide a nutritious meal for the people who use their service.”

Food banks, community caf├ęs, community fridges/pantries and community growing spaces are amongst some of the initiatives across Fife which operate for people to access free or low-cost food.  The next stage of community funding will help venues like these in North East Fife to supply healthy meals whilst helping to address fuel poverty as the meals supplied can be heated up in the microwave.

You’ll find information and advice on Support with food | Cost of Living Support ( as well as where you can go for help in your local area.