Levenmouth Area Committee met online this morning (Wednesday 9 November). Here's a summary of the main discussion and decisions.

Community Safety

Members heard community safety reports from Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Fife Council’s Safer Communities team.

Improving Levenmouth Together

This initiative to tackle antisocial behaviour in Levenmouth is continuing to prove successful:

  • 91% decrease in motorbike related calls between 2018/2019 to 2021/2022
  • 36 vehicles seized - this includes motorbikes, cars and quads.
  • 311 people charged in connection with antisocial behaviour and road traffic offences.

Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV)

PSYV Levenmouth is co-ordinated by adult volunteers who work with youths from diverse backgrounds giving them an opportunity to develop themselves in a safe and thriving environment.

Earlier this year PSYV Levenmouth supported the 150th Open event in St Andrews.

Olivia Hendren, Head Youth Volunteer of PSYV said: “During July 2022, nine youth volunteers from PSYV Levenmouth had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the 150th Open in St. Andrews. Highlights of our deployment are meeting the police dogs, meeting armed police, getting 150th Open lanyards, sitting in a helicopter and definitely the cooked breakfast.

“The 150th Open was truly a once in a lifetime event and I would relive it in a heartbeat. PSYV Levenmouth is one big family.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 2021/22 highlights:

  • Deliberate fire setting rose from 13 to 23.
  • Accidental dwelling fires rose from 21 to 34 with deaths rising from 0 to 1.
  • Road traffic collisions fell from 12 to 4 with no deaths.

Safer Communities team 2021/22 highlights:

  • 388 cases of antisocial behaviour were investigated which is 43% increase on the previous year (218).
  • Pest Control officers responded to 490 requests for service during 2021-22, compared to 311 in the previous year.
  • 696 complaints for environmental enforcement issues were received for Levenmouth - last year 741 complaints were received.
  • 2017 patrols were carried out by Safer Communities Officers in the area which was a decrease as last year there were 2716 patrols.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive

Over the last year an ‘in-school’ version of the successful Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow has been offered to Fife’s high schools. Despite exams and continued covid restrictions, the team visited eight of the 18 secondary schools in Fife and reached 1,113 pupils.

Here’s some of the feedback from the sessions:

“Particularly given the context of the pandemic we thought the sessions were very good. Despite not having the full theatrical effects that we usually see at Rothes Halls, the Safe Drive sessions were well-pitched, thought-provoking and had our 5th year learners gripped.”

“The feedback from pupils and staff has been very positive. Obviously, it is difficult to still have the same impact when you've not got kingdom FM getting everyone excited and the speakers being virtual, but the pupils still found it an excellent event.”

Cllr Colin Davidson said: “As a committee we thank officers for all their hard work during this challenging time and congratulate the partnership approach to community safety in Levenmouth.

“It’s great to hear about the initiatives involving Levenmouth’s young people, giving them opportunities, life experiences and aspirations for the future.”

For full details of these reports see the committee papers.

Budget Requests

Fife Heritage Railway improvements - £10,000 (Local Community Planning Budget)

Levenmouth Area Committee are contributing £10,000 towards the cost of new modular accommodation at Fife Heritage Railway.

Fife Heritage Railway are creating a Restoration Learning Centre or Academy, where trainees will learn how to maintain rolling stock.

Cllr Colin Davidson commented: “We’re keen to see Fife Heritage Railway continue growing. They’ve recently added eight new members and volunteers in their early 20’s, this is an important development to ensuring the longer-term viability of this key facility in Levenmouth.”

Buckhaven foreshore parking barrier - £5,851.30 (Local Community Planning Budget)

Committee are contributing £5,851.30 towards the cost of replacing the parking barrier onto Buckhaven foreshore.

The area has undergone improvements with a link pathway and viewing platforms along the shoreline, and planting to increase biodiversity. There’s also significant investment scheduled to increase the shoreline protection ensuring the green space remains usable.

Cllr Colin Davidson said: “The new parking barrier will aid the wider investment approach by protecting the site for its original use of temporary parking for visitors.”

West Wemyss Play Area and Glenlyon Road Play Area - £40,000 (Local Community Planning Budget)

Committee agreed a contribution of £40,000 towards the cost of upgrading the play area equipment at West Wemyss and Glenlyon Road, Leven (£20,000 each) as part of the area focus on improving play space and green space throughout Levenmouth.