If you are experiencing issues with drivers parking across the entrance to a private access, the following tips will help to resolve this. Fife Council has no powers to deal with drivers who block the road or access.

  1. Is it obvious there is access? Sometimes it is not clear there is a driveway. Changing the colour/design of the posts or gate can make it clearer to drivers.
  2. A simple sign on the boundary can highlight to drivers that access is necessary. These are available from some local and on-line suppliers.
  3. Police Scotland are responsible for addressing issues where an obstruction occurs. If you are blocked in your driveway, contact Police Scotland 101 or via their website
  4. Is it a neighbour who always obstructs access? Try speaking to your neighbour to resolve the issue. If this is not successful then Police intervention/mediation may help. There is a mediation service available in Fife through SACRO.

Please note we no longer provide white H bar markings at private residential driveways as due to over-use these markings were no longer effective.