If you're asked to leave your home during an incident and go to an emergency rest centre, you won't be able to bring your pets. Only support animals will be allowed. We recommend you think about this. What will happen to your pet in the event of an incident?

Make an Emergency Kit for your pet

You can include:

  • a lead/carrier for every animal (store them as close as possible to the emergency kit)
  • medication
  • food
  • vaccination certificates
  • litter/puppy pads/bedding as required
  • toys

Microchip your pets

It is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. It's a good idea to have all other animals microchipped too. This means if you and your pet are separated during an incident, you are far more likely to be reunited. Please see Fife Council and SSPCA for more information.

Find relatives or friends you and your pet could stay with

Do you have any relatives or friends in other areas that you and your pet could stay with? This means you wouldn't have to be separated.

Ensure your pets are vaccinated

If you can't find somewhere for both of you to stay, you'll need to check them into a boarding facility or kennel. Please be aware that many don't accept pets without vaccinations. It's worth looking at what boarding facilities you could take your pet to if an incident were to happen. They will advise what vaccinations they need to have.

For more information contact the Emergency Resilience Team