Affordable Housing in Fife

Our Affordable Housing Programme is one of the largest in Scotland. From 2012 to 2017, we delivered 2,700 new affordable homes throughout Fife. Phase 3 of our programme, to deliver 3,500 new affordable homes from 2017 to 2022, is close to completion, with COVID-19 having held us back. Our current target is to deliver a further 1,200 new affordable homes by 2024. It's through our partnership with local Housing Associations, the Scottish Government and private-sector developers that this is made possible.

We provide much-needed new homes for our tenants and housing applicants. Together, we are delivering modern, fit-for-purpose, energy-efficient homes. New-build council homes benefit current tenants and generations to come.

Watch our video to see how new homes are changing the lives of their new tenants.

What new housing is being built in my area?

There are several developments ongoing across Fife. These are all at different stages, with some homes ready to live in very soon. Find out what’s planned for your area here:

Our new homes offer a mix of house types. They range from one to seven bedrooms. Many of these are properties built for specific needs. This includes large family houses, as well as amenity or wheelchair-adapted bungalows. We're bringing derelict land (like brownfield sites) back into use or redeveloping derelict buildings into modern-day housing.

The homes exceed industry standards. We include sprinkler systems and specialised equipment to increase insulation standards. This contributes to tackling fuel poverty and improving living standards.

Here, you will find a selection of our recently completed housing projects.

How do I apply for one of these new homes?

These new homes are allocated to our existing council tenants or tenants of our Fife Housing Register partners:

The homes are for existing tenants in housing need, such as those in overcrowded or under-occupied homes. This makes the tenant’s old home available for us to allocate to someone else on the housing register.

You can apply online through the FHR. Application forms are also available from any Customer Service Centre, Home4Good Centre.  Remember to select the areas where new properties are planned or under construction.

Other affordable housing options

You might find mid-market rent homes (MMR) are more suitable for you. These are ideal if you're working but can't afford market rent prices. The rents are set at a level between market rent and those charged for council homes and housing associations. These homes are offered for let by housing Associations or private developers.  For further information, please contact Kingdom Housing Association or Ore Valley Housing Association.

Fife's Strategic Housing Investment Plan

Fife's Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) is developed in partnership with Fife Council, Fife's Housing Association Alliance and submitted on behalf of the Fife Housing Partnership.

The purpose of the Strategic Housing Investment Plan is to set out how investment in affordable housing should be directed over the next five years. This is to achieve the outcomes set out in the Local Housing Strategy (LHS). The SHIP is submitted annually to the Scottish Government and covers a 5-year period. In this case, it will run from April 2022 to March 2027.

The SHIP is a bid proposal to the Scottish Government for funding through the Affordable Housing Supply Programme (AHSP). This plan requires an overprovision to be reported in line with the Scottish Government's guidance. This is to allow for projects slipping out of the program. This means that, at this stage, not all projects listed in the SHIP Projects are guaranteed to go ahead.

Follow the links below for further information on Fife's Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2023/24 - 2027/28 and the Strategic Housing Investment Plan Projects 2023/24 - 2027/28.

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