Mutual repairs are repairs to common parts of a property where there's shared ownership between the council and private homeowners.

Title Deeds

Property title deeds outline who owns the property and confirms the parts of the building that are jointly owned with others. These are the shared, common parts. To confirm ownership and responsibilities, you can get a copy of your title deeds from Registers of Scotland by visiting

Homeowners are required to follow the rules within their title deeds. When title deeds do not cover all matters, you can seek advice from a solicitor or legal agent. The Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 can also help to resolve any repairs matters, if the title deeds are not clear.

Fife Council Common Repairs Services

We have a Mutual Owners repairs service, which is a dedicated team who work with homeowners on shared repairs. This service actively maintains shared, common parts of properties involving mutual owners.

If you wish to report a communal repair within a block of flats, the route we take will depend on whether the property's within a factored development or not. Use our page on factoring services for further guidance.

If you have any enquires relating to Mutual repairs, please contact us by email at

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