What is happening in Fife?

Violence Against Women and Girls has an impact on the lives of many children in Fife. From research, we know that gender stereotypes are limiting to both girls and boys and it reinforces inequality. That inequality makes unhealthy relationships sometimes seem ‘OK’ and can put young people at risk.

In Fife, like much of Scotland, we approach it through Prevention and Early Intervention.

Prevention strategies aim to avoid the development of harmful behaviours and beliefs before they emerge. All children and young people should have the opportunity to discuss healthy relationships in school and in their community from a young age. We have a Primary Prevention strategy, developed with the Education Service, and a range of local and national partners to promote healthy relationships.

View our Children and Young People's Prevention strategy.

Services for Children and Young People

Fife Violence Against Women Partnership (FVAWP) promotes specialist services for children and young people. There are specialist agencies who can provide further information for young people and professionals.

You can find out more by visiting the sites below:

If you think you or your child(ren) are in immediate danger of being hurt, phone the police on 999.

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To report any concerns to the police, call the non-emergency number 101. In an emergency, always dial 999.