Gender based violence has an impact on the lives of many children in Fife.   We cannot underestimate what that means for children.  We have an opportunity to influence positive change.  Making a difference for future generations of young people.

Everyone who works with children and young people need to understand gender-based violence.  We need to understand and feel confident in addressing any related matters. We all have responsibilities for :

  • the principles of Getting It Right; and
  • the indicators of well-being (SHANARRI).

Prevention and early intervention are key to the approaches we want to promote in Fife. We know that gender stereotypes are limiting to both girls and boys. This reinforces inequality.

Such stereotypes also support unhealthy relationships and can put young people at risk. It is for these reasons that we need to tackle them.

Fife Violence Against Women Partnership promotes specialist services for children and young people.  This includes CEDAR+ and has developed a resource to improve understanding.  A range of quality resources exist that can be used from early levels through to the senior phase.