We welcome the promotion of activities taking place within our communities because successful events play an important part in creating a buoyant economy and increasing the quality of life. However, the need to promote events has to be balanced with the need to maintain clean and welcoming places for everyone.

Under The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, you could be committing an offence if you fix anything like a poster, picture, letter, sign or any other type of marking onto a fixed surface. Whether it's onto a tree, traffic sign, lamp post, or any other structure; it makes no difference.

Flyposting can be offensive and ugly, and can really affect the local area. Whether the flyposting is on council or private property, you can report it:

If you telephone, an operator will ask for some details about you, the flyposting, and its location.

The operator will then forward the details to the relevant service to get the flyposting removed.