Student Loans Company

The Student Loans Company (SLC) is a UK public sector organisation established to provide financial services, in terms of loans and grants, to over one million students annually.


Funding for higher education (HE) is administered by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

Rules for funding are complicated and completing your application can take some time. It’s a good idea to check out if you’re eligible for funding as soon as you start to plan your course. You can write to the SAAS or visit their website to check your position.

In general, whether you’re eligible for funding depends on:

  • your personal circumstances
  • any grants you’ve had in the past
  • whether you're classed as a mature student or a young student

Details of bursaries can be obtained from the college or university you'll be attending. The amount you receive depends on your family income.

Additional Allowances

You may be eligible for additional allowances, for example:

  • Dependants’ Grant
  • Hardship Funds
  • Travel
  • Lone Parent’s Grant
  • Additional Childcare Grant for Lone Parents
  • Care Leavers Grant
  • Disabled Student Allowance

Other sources of funding include:

  • Hardship Funds
  • Childcare Fund
  • Tax Credits
  • Career Development Loans
  • Education Trusts and Endowments
  • Sponsorship and Scholarships

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