In Fife, we currently have a school estate of:

  • 134 primary schools
  • 18 secondary schools
  • 5 special schools
  • over 100 sites where early years nursery provision is available
  • 6 pupil support centres concentrating on specialised support

Our aim is to ensure that not only does our school estate provide the best value for money but also, more importantly, it provides children and young people with a first-class education in fit-for-purpose buildings, regardless of background or where they live.

Local authorities have a statutory responsibility to:

  • ensure there are sufficient school places for the pupil population
  • improve the quality of school education provided
  • raise standards of education
  • ensure the most efficient use of available Council resources

In order to provide the best value for money, the Education & Children’s Services Directorate must ensure that the number of pupil places is matched as efficiently as possible to the number of pupils living in each catchment area. In doing this, the Directorate must take account of changing demographic patterns leading to falling and rising school rolls in different parts of Fife. They also need to look at planned housing development and other factors which might impact on the need for school places.

In Fife, we manage our school estate using a school catchment system. Each address in Fife has a non-denominational primary or secondary school and a denominational (Roman Catholic) primary or secondary school. To check your catchment area schools, click here.