Apply to assign lease - Community groups and sports clubs (other than professional clubs)

If you lease a building and/or land from the Council, you will normally require the Council’s consent as landlord to the assignation (transfer) of the lease to another party (the assignee).

Please read your lease for details of conditions that apply to the assignation of your lease. This is usually within a clause headed “Alienation”.

If consent is granted, then it will be authorised by the Council as a party to the assignation document. As the tenant, you will be responsible for preparing the draft assignation. It is recommended that you instruct a solicitor to prepare the assignation document, though it is not mandatory.

Your application, including a draft assignation document and a business plan for the proposed assignee’s first three years’ use of the property following the assignation, must be submitted at least one month before the proposed date of the assignation, together with all other documents that form part of your application and payment of the charge by Registers of Scotland for recording the assignation which is currently £44.

For further information, please read the guidance notes for community groups and sports clubs - apply for the Council’s consent to assign lease

You can Apply to assign lease here. This is for community groups and sports clubs (other than professional clubs).