We provide a Community Support Service to adults in Kirkcaldy between the ages of 16 & 65 with learning disability, physical disability, sensory impairments, autistic spectrum disorders and other related issues.

We aim to promote the welfare of people with a learning disability by enabling them to live an independent self-fulfilling life. We want to help people sustain a good quality of life, alleviate stress, reduce isolation and in general support people to stay in their own communities.

Staff at St Clair are committed and experienced workers who work closely with the people who use the centre as well as our partners in other organisations.

Our values:

  • each user of the service is a unique individual in his/her own right.
  • everyone has the right to respect and dignity.
  • people have the right to make choices over their own lives and to participate fully in society as equal partners

Our aims

We aim to:

  • encourage and enable people to lead as fulfilling a life as possible
  • link people with other community resources.
  • provide personal support and information
  • help people to use day services to meet their own individual needs
  • provide people with an environment that is stimulating, challenging and enjoyable and one that allows for personal growth.
  • help people develop and maintain social, academic, leisure and creative skills
  • maintain and improve independence
  • present opportunities for people to be both helpers and be helped: to help himself or herself.
  • promote awareness and positive attitudes about disability amongst the general public.

The service we offer

We offer creative arts projects, music, drama, craft, health and fitness programmes and much more.