At Gowrie House Care Home care is person-centred according to individual needs. Some of our residents have only modest care requirements while others needs 24 hour nursing assistance. Whatever the need, care is delivered with patience, kindness and understanding. We very much recognise the importance of resident focused care. Our approach is based on the theories of personhood and all of our care plans are tailored around the resident’s needs and capabilities. Our staff receive regular training through our dedicated Dementia care training programmes and have regular updates and refresher modules. Some of our staff have received specialist training from the Bradford Dementia Group (University of Bradford) and have been deemed competent to use Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) in the home. DCM is designed essentially as means for improving the care given to people with dementia in settings such as care homes. The DCM method is aligned to a particular view of care: one which may be described as person centred. The task of caring is envisaged as being much more than that of meeting basic physical needs. For example, our chefs understand the special dietary needs of people with dementia and develop innovative menus and serving methods. Our housekeeping and maintenance staff also contribute daily to the care and dignity of our residents.

Gowrie House Care Home is tastefully decorated and features six lounges, all of which overlook extensive private grounds. Gowrie House also features a hairdressing salon. Our facilities are safe and designed with many home comforts, to reinforce residents’ familiarity with their surroundings. Dementia care is provided at our home within the PEARL Specialised Dementia Service, this means that the environment has been specially developed and adapted to the needs of residents with Dementia and we can offer as much independence and stimulation as possible within safe boundaries. Every aspect of the home contributes to the quality of daily life for residents. Layout and decoration are used to enable residents to exercise choice, help orientation and provide interest and stimulation. Corridors in the Dementia Unit are themed using different pictures and on the recommendation of evidence based research the toilet doors along the corridors were painted in a different colour to help the residents identify them more easily.

Care Home Type: Residential, Nursing, Residential and Specialised EMI
Care Home Status: Private
Owner / Group: Four Seasons Health Care - please visit their website for more information
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