We are very proud of our  nursery and how hard we have worked to get it looking and running so well.  We pride ourselves in how well we work as a team - staff, children, parents and outside agencies all working together to offer the best possible opportunities for all the children in our care.

We are working hard with parent volunteers and John the janitor, to develop our outside area even further after our first year of growing seedlings in our eco-greenhouse was a huge success.  We hope to develop a sensory area in the garden and look forward to viewing the insects and mini beasts that visit us.

In the nursery we play a very important part of our Eco-school. We recycle daily waste, e.g. plastic, glass, tins, paper, as well as add to our compost bin to make compost for our vegetable patches which will soon be home for our beetroot, broad beans, and carrot seeds.  All the children love to plant the seeds, watch them grow and then take home the garden produce that they have helped grow.  We couldn't do this without our janitor John, and parents, as we rely heavily on them to help make this happen. Thank you! Saving energy is a huge topic in the nursery, as we all think of ways to help the environment.

Parents are also a very valuable resource in the nursery and the children thoroughly enjoy having them in to share a session/talent with us.  As parents are the children's prime educators we see them as very valuable in the childrens education and welcome them into our nursery regularly.