Gallatown Nursery is a spacious old building located at the East end of Kirkcaldy. A controlled entry system operates on the main entrance.

There are three classrooms, a physical activity area, a general purpose room and a dining room all of which open onto a central hall area which is used for a range of activities. We also have an outdoor play area where children can be involved in physical play activities and also learn about the environment.

We have a strong child-centred philosophy where we aim to meet the needs of each child in our care working in partnership with parents/carers and linking with the community in a welcoming atmosphere.

Most children attend nursery for a half-day session. The Nursery offers an extended provision that gives parents/carers the opportunity to pay for extra nursery time should they require it starting at 8.45am and an opportunity to buy additional time over the lunchbreak period.

Throughout the session parents/carers can find out about their child’s nursery experience by working in the classroom. They can request regular updates on a child’s progress and are also encouraged to share information about their child’s development.

A ‘Parent and Toddler Group’ is based in the nursery and takes place each Wednesday. This group is for families in the local community who have babies/toddlers.

All parents/carers who are considering sending their children to Gallatown Nursery are most welcome to visit.