Opened in 1951, Clentry Nursery School was one of the first purpose-built nurseries in Fife. The extensive grounds provide a marvellous situation for a nursery school, with an interesting garden and grassed, tarmac play area to the rear and views of Benarty Hill to the fore.

A new two classroom extension was built in 2001 so we now have three classrooms, a resources room, office accommodation, parents and toddler's area, disabled toilet/shower, kitchen/utility room, a dining area for full day children and a staffroom. A controlled entry system operates on the entrance door. Our aim is to create an ethos within the nursery and local community where pupils, parents/carers and staff work together in partnership to develop children's learning through providing a range of experiences and developing the children's skills in all areas of the curriculum as set out in Curriculum Framework 3-5 document and Child at the Centre.

Refurbishments have been taking place in the Ladybird room and link corridor to create more space for Birth to 3 provision in Clentry. Work should be completed by the end of the summer term in 2011 and we hope to be up and running after the October holidays.

The second phase of our planned refurbishment will be moving the nursery office to the front of the building and work for this is planned to start in 2012. We are also planning to build an extension to the back of the building in 2012.

We work well together with Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapists, Educational Home Visitors, Clinical Medical Officer, Health Visitors, Hearing Impaired Service, Support Assistants from primary schools, Kelty Community Centre, local police, local colleges/students, local churches, Kelty Community Council and we welcome all visitors to Clentry. Jointly parents, carers, staff and local community organise many successful social and fundraising events throughout the school session e.g. 'Just for You' courses for parents/carers with crèche facilities provided while their children attend nursery. We are pleased to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss any aspects of the school and really welcome any offers of involvement and/or support for within/outwith our nursery.


August 2011


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3 -5

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101 a.m. 95 pm.

Primary school

Kelty Primary, St. Joseph’s and Cleish

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