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Child Wellbeing & Protection in Sport Virtual Workshop

Duration: 3 Hrs            Age: 16+                Time 6pm – 9pm                Cost £25

This virtual workshop is a requirement for all coaches delivering sport to children, young people or adults at risk. It will cover how to protect yourself, the young people you are coaching and your employer/sports club by understanding and following good coaching practice. You will learn about child well-being and abuse and how to handle situations if you have concerns. Every candidate who attends the Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport workshop will be required to complete a short online eLearning module prior to the three hour workshop. It is essential that you complete the online module prior to the workshop.

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Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer Virtual Workshop

Duration: 3 Hours                     Age: 16+                 Time 6pm – 9pm           Cost £25

This three hours virtual workshop supports clubs to put safeguarding policies and procedures into practice. It is most suitable for individuals with a Child Well-being and Protection Officer role within their sports club or group. It is also relevant for those who manage and organise sports clubs and groups. Candidates should attend the Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport workshop prior to attending this Child Well-being and Protection Officer workshop.

Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Renewal Award

Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport (CWPS) is a training course developed in partnership with Children 1st that is suitable for people (+16 years old) who are involved in sports organisations that have under 18 participants.  It is targeted at all practitioners e.g. all coaches and volunteers working and volunteering directly with children and young people. It is recommended that all Coaches and Volunteers receive this training and renew their knowledge every 3 years.

Self register for the renewal award

Learner Guidance

What is the CWPS Renewal award?

Is your CWPS certificate about to expire? If yes, then you are eligible for Renewal award. If no, then wait until it is about to expire and then start the renewal process. You can check your certificate for the expiry date or check with your SGB.

sportscotland is offering coaches and volunteers (the learner) the opportunity to advance their learning in CWPS, by giving access to renewal modules in various topics. Instead of just repeating CWPS training after 3 years (i.e completing module 1 & 2), the learner can renew their certificate for another 3 years by completing a series of eLearning. This learning is then valid for another 3 years and it is only then that the learner must complete the whole CWPS training again.

To achieve the Renewal award, learners must complete Module 1 of CWPS plus two other modules of their choice. This equates to approximately 3 hours of learning and should be completed within 3 months of their CWPS training expiring. Then in 3 years’ time after completing the renewal award, learners must then again complete both module 1 and 2 of a CWPS course.

The topics covered in the renewal award are:

  • Safeguarding in a digital world
  • Common issues in safeguarding (scenario learning)
  • Introduction to inclusive practice
  • Child mental health and wellbeing

For further details: Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport Renewal Award - sportscotland the national agency for sport in Scotland

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