People want to learn other languages for a variety of reasons. Should it be for work or leisure purposes, Community Use has courses to suit everyone's needs. Our courses are flexible and range from learning basic language skills, to gaining a qualification in languages for both adults and children


Improve your Italian language skills quickly with our wide choice of Italian courses. Whether you want to learn the basic language or want to become fluent, our Italian classes are perfect for you.


Learn how to speak Spanish with Community Use. We have a variety of classes depending on your ability and needs. Whether it is our basic short holiday courses or our year long courses, we have everything you need.


Our French classes are open to beginners and those looking to improve on their skills. With small class sizes, with those of similar abilities it is an excellent way to learn and practice speaking and writing.

British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL) is a form of sign language that is used in Britain and involves the use of hand movements, gestures, body language and facial expressions to communicate. Community Use delivers both courses leading to qualifications, or courses to learn the basics in a relaxed environment.

Alternative languages

  • Creative Writing 
  • Japanese 
  • Portuguese

ESOL - English For Speakers Of Other Languages

Community Use activities are subject to availability, please check with your local Community Use venue or email You can also follow us on facebook for the latest updates.