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Bikeability Scotland Training Courses

Bikeability Scotland instructors play a hugely important role in getting kids into cycling, thereby encouraging them to choose a healthy, environmentally-friendly, and fun mode of transport.

Cycle Training Assistant

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Cycle Trainer

This 4 day course will teach you to conduct risk assessments, plan, develop and deliver learning sessions to anyone that wants to cycle. If delivering courses to children, this is known as Bikeability Scotland Training.

The course includes;

  • National Standards & Bikeability Scotland Training
  • Preparing for a journey
  • Risk Assessments & operating procedures
  • Planning and delivering a session
  • Teaching complete beginners
  • Personal riding skills and demonstrations
  • Roadside Repairs
  • Rural Riding

Bikeability Scotland Instructor

As a Bikeability Scotland Instructor you can plan and deliver levels 1 & 2 Bikeability Scotland training to children in a school setting.

You will cover;

  • Personal bike, clothing, helmet and equipment checks
  • Level 1 circuit, demonstration mini session, teaching complete beginners & sharing space
  • Personal riding skills
  • Level 2 demonstration activities & teaching models
  • Session planning and delivering safe sessions
  • Moving and managing groups
  • Level 2 session delivery, practical delivery, organisation and good practice