Capture the Euro Flags

Capture the Euro Flags!

Fife v North Ayrshire

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Fife are taking on North Ayrshire in a race to 'Capture the Euro Flags'. Help us be the first to travel to the four group D stadiums and capture the England, Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland flags. To do this, we are asking you to get out and get active, and let us know how many steps you've taken doing so!

We will be starting at Hampden on the 17th of May and competing for 4 weeks.

England flag

17th May - 23rd May
Hampden - Wembley  
(England Flag)

Czech Republic Flag

24th May - 30th May
Wembley - Generali Arena
(Czech Republic Flag)

Croatia flag

31st May - 6th June
Generali Arena - Stadium Maksimir
(Croatia Flag)

Scotland flag

7th June - 11th June
Stadium Maksimir - Hampden Stadium
(Scotland Flag)

Each week we will release an event on the Monday and participants will be required to enter a weekly total no later than 12pm on the following Monday. The two authorities totals will then be compared and the team who have taken the most steps will win the corresponding flag for that week.

Compete for Fife and help capture the Euro flags!

At the beginning of each week we will send a submission form to you where you can enter scores in steps, miles or kilometres.

Ways to record your steps


Put your pedometer on in the morning and take a note of how many steps you’ve taken in the evening. Active Schools have pedometers available to teams who sign up so if this would be of use to you, please contact your Active Schools coordinator.

Smart watch / smart phone

Smart watched and smart phones will automatically count your steps throughout the day. You should be able to access this information through an activity app.

Google maps

On Google Maps, you can enter your place of departure and destination, this will calculate your distance in miles. If you stop somewhere or go several places, as in ‘via’ to get your total distance.

Other ways you can help your team

This challenge is open to everyone, please see full list of scoring options below:

Wheelchair users - Please submit your distance in kilometres or miles and this will be added to your teams total.

If you are unable to travel, have a go at one of the challenges below to earn steps for Fife.

If you would like new or more targeted challenges, please contact your Active Schools Coordinator.

Balloon keepy uppies

Use any part of your body or a suitable piece of equipment to see how many keepy uppies you can get using a balloon or ball.

For every keepy uppie completed, you will earn 100 steps.

Ball skittles

Use empty cans or water bottles as skittles and roll a ball or pair of socks to try and knock as many down as you can.

For every skittle knocked down, you will earn 100 steps.

Hula hoop roll or throw

Use a bucket or marker on the floor as a target, try to throw or roll a pair of socks into your target area (the size and distance of the target can be tailored to the individual taking part).

For every pair of socks in the target area, you will earn 100 steps.

Chest push

Push a large or heavy ball as far as you can and measure the distance the ball has travelled in meters.

For each meter, you will earn 100 steps.