A new, accessible destination playpark

A new, accessible destination playpark

Disappointingly, costs for our original playpark replacement concept came in high and are beyond the budget available to the project. The project team have worked on ideas for an alternative replacement that still incorporates feedback from the initial consultation.

Moving the playpark to a grassed area to the north-east of its current location will hopefully remove the need for costly earthworks.  And constructing the new play area whilst the current one remains operational would be less disruptive for visitors.

It would offer over 80 new play features for all ages, including accessible play equipment to allow children of all abilities to play together. A new ‘Drivedeck’ track would also be laid so that children in wheelchairs could explore the playpark. Overall, the site would be level to offer better visibility for child safety and a ‘wet pour’ safety surface would help to minimise injuries. The play area would be fenced, to help keep children in and dogs out.

When the new playpark is opened, we would remove the old one and create a new natural play space area to let us accommodate more visitors on the loch-side.

In order to be able to consult with park users about what the new playpark would feature, we have already invited companies to tender for the work. This has allowed us to develop visual representations of what it could look like, within the budget allocated for the project. If the feedback on the playpark proposal is broadly supported, we will then progress to applying for appropriate planning permissions.

It is hoped that construction work could then begin in Spring 2023.

visualisation of play park proposal

We’ve been gathering feedback on this, and some other proposals, as part of a wider consultation on park developments.

The consultation is now closed and we'll publish the results here, in late January 2023.

Thank you to over 1,000 people for taking the time to share your thoughts. It has been a fantastic opportunity to gather reactions, new ideas and get fresh perspectives on a range of things that people feel passionate about.