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Lochore Meadows Country Park

The future of the Meedies

Bringing improvement ideas to life at the Meedies

Lochore Meadows Country Park is Fife’s most-visited outdoor attraction with over one million visits each year.

On the site of the former Mary Pit, the park has been welcoming visitors since 1976. Loch Ore Castle sits near to the main entrance, on the site of the original loch. And the Fife Pilgrim Way runs through the park.

It is home to the Willie Clarke Visitor Centre, the Outdoor Education Fife team and Lochore Meadows Golf Course.

We love the Meedies just as much as you do and there is still a lot of potential to develop the park. Proposals and ideas include:

  • a new, accessible destination playpark
  • creating new events space and overflow parking
  • expanding the outdoor education site for extra equipment storage and activities
  • developing a new natural play space
  • improving and expanding the bike trail routes
  • improving the café and outdoor seating area
  • working more with community interest, volunteer, and environmental groups
  • considering other types of outdoor learning (and training opportunities) that could be offered by the park
  • improving our community engagement, re-establishing a stakeholder group for the park and making it easier for local people to get involved or have their say.

Meedies development proposals

Map of current and proposed layout

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We’re gathering feedback on this, and some other proposals, as part of a wider consultation on park developments.

Share your views

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Exciting workshop opportunities! DECEMBER 2022

We want to develop an ambitious long-term plan for our much-loved Meedies – and we need your passion, enthusiasm, and ideas to help us make that a reality!

We are running workshops on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 Dec at the park’s Willie Clarke Visitor Centre. The half-day sessions are free, with £40 gift vouchers offered to attendees.

Do you have ideas about the future development of the Meedies? Join us at one of the workshops to share your ideas and make your voice heard! Sign up using this online booking form.

We are able to deliver these workshops thanks to an externally funded research project by Democratic Society and Strathclyde University. The sessions are open to everyone over the age of 18 who lives, works, or has an interest in Lochore Meadows.

And please don’t worry if you’re unable to attend but would still like to take part. An online consultation, drop-in events and work with local schools will take place to give people who are unable to attend the opportunity to have their say too.


Children and young people are also being consulted with directly. Plans include visits to local schools and to show them the proposals and talk about their wider ideas and hopes for the park, gathering feedback from park user groups such as the Meedies Bike Club members or through workshops organised with local Youth Work services.