Fife Council is committed to providing fair and accessible services to all members of our community.

Our Equality and Diversity Outcomes (2021-2025) set out our priorities in relation to all protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, on achieving positive outcomes for our service users, staff and customers.  By advancing equality of opportunity we ensure that the community is able to access our services in a way which meets their needs.

Scotland’s Inclusive Communication Hub

The Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF) formed a consortium to develop an Inclusive Communication Hub for Scotland. The consortium contributed with their wealth of knowledge and expertise to the development of this hub. The Scottish Government is supporting SDEF, SAIF and Sense Scotland to take forward the development of this hub.

The Inclusive Communication Hub will be the first of its kind for Scotland.  This will be an easy-to-use online tool, for all who wish to be more inclusive with the information they deliver. Inclusive communication is an approach which enables as many people as possible to access and engage with organisations.

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