Outdoor access in Fife

The Land Reform (Scotland) Act, came into operation in 2003. It established a new right of responsible public access as well as rights of way which still remain. The rights and responsibilities of land managers and those exercising access rights are set out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Obstruction to public access

If you are prevented from exercising your right of responsible access by an obstruction, such as a locked gate, intimidating sign or person, you may wish to report it to us for advice or investigation.

In these circumstances you should ensure your report is as full as possible and should include:

  • an accurate description of the location of the obstruction, including map based grid reference if possible;
  • an accurate description of the date and circumstances encountered;
  • a photograph of the obstruction if possible and;
  • your contact details including phone number and e-mail address.

Ideally you should make your report by e-mail below.

Section 11

Exemption Orders are made under Section 11 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 to temporarily remove the legal right of public access from an area for a special purpose.

If there are any current Exemption Orders they will be attached below.

Contact: Outdoor Access