Litter is waste in the wrong place. Litter can be harmful to people, animals and the environment.

Businesses can help reduce the impact of litter by:

Reducing Packaging

  • Where possible reduce the amount or type of packaging on items you sell or buy
  • Ask customers if they need a bag, lid, napkin or straw
  • Offer incentives for using reusable packaging

Reducing packaging improves business efficiency and saves money!

Cleaning up litter

  • Keep the areas around your premises clean. It is your responsibility
  • Provide bins on premises to allow customers to dispose of waste items responsibly
  • Carry out litter picks

These voluntary actions aim to reduce the need for the Council to serve litter notices on businesses!


  • Engage staff around preventing litter and fly-tipping
  • Display information to engage customers – download infographics to display in your premises from Zerowaste Scotland

Businesses are powerful role models and can influence staff and customer behaviour!

Waste Management - Duty of Care

  • Commercial waste must be managed, stored and presented correctly so that it does not become litter. For more information on commercial waste presentation see our Waste Storage and Presentation page.
  • You must have a waste contract in place to deal with any commercial waste your business produces
  • You must clean up any commercial waste spillages created by your business

Managing your waste correctly will reduce the likelihood of waste escaping and creating litter!

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