Fife Walking Challenge -   A mile a day

Fife Walking Challenge -   A mile a day

This is a challenge for everyone in Fife.  
The aim is to walk a mile a day for 124 days.

Fife walking challenge map

Follow the map as it goes to some of Fife’s historic places.

The Challenge is to walk a mile in your local area.  You can walk on local paths, around the school playground, in your garden, using pedometers or a step counter, round your office or a marked distance down a corridor!  This challenge can be walked with wheels e.g. wheelchairs, buggies and walking frames too.

You can do this as an individual challenge if you can manage to do a mile of walking per day.  Alternatively, get together in person or virtually with friends, family or fellow workers (remember social distancing!) to do this as a team challenge and split the distance between you.

To record your miles, we have produced a map around Fife with 62 footsteps on it.  Each footstep represents 2 miles.

You can colour in half a step per day or a full step every second day.

Don’t worry if some days you do more or less than others.  This is normal.  Just colour in the miles when you have completed them.

Discover more about some of the historic locations throughout Fife by exploring on the map below.

May Walking Challenge

Looking for a bigger challenge, try walking all 124 miles in the month of May.

Download the May challenge map

Challenge yourself or be part of a team

  • One person doing the May challenge = 4 miles per day
  • Two people walking = 2 miles per day each
  • Three people walking = 1.3 mile per day each
  • Four people walking = 1 miles per day each
  • Five people walking = 0.8 miles per day each
  • Six people walking = 0.6 miles per day each

Steps Convertor

There are an average of 2000 steps per mile

  • 500 steps = 5 minutes of walking = ¼ mile
  • 1000 steps = 10 minutes of walking = ½ mile
  • 1500 steps = 15 minutes of walking = ¾ mile
  • 2000 steps = 20 minutes of walking = 1 mile
  • 4000 steps = 40 minutes of walking = 2 miles
  • 6000 steps = 1 hour of walking = 3 miles

Other ways to achieve the miles

  • Wheelchair one mile = 2000 steps
  • Pushing a wheelchair for 10 minutes = 1500 steps
  • Walking with a walking frame for 10 minutes = 1500 steps
  • Biking for 3 miles = 2000 steps
  • Jogging/running for one mile = 4000 steps